Ben Murphy
 Gallery 4
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SPEC 16 Magazine, Dec 1972
FAB 208 1973
16 Magazine, July 1972
Screen Stars, May 1971
in the 1980s
3x4 glossy
flip, Dec 1971
From Sandy
Portion of a poster
A reverse image
From Sheila
Photo at left flipped to the correct orientation
From Sheila 
Postcard for Impulse body spray, 1999
From Chris
autographed 8x10 glossy 
SPEC 16 Magazine, Oct 1971
with Jean Netter
Unknown Magazine, 1971 or 1972
flip, Nov 1971 
flip, Nov 1971 
TV Guide, Sept 23, 1982
Ad for Lottery$ 
with Lorne Greene in Griff, 1973-74 
Tiger Beat, Sept 1971 
Tina Club, 1977
From Sheila and Joanne 
Front cover of UK Gemini Man Annual, 1977 
flip, May 1972 
7x9 glossy
Winds of War cast
clockwise from left: Deborah Winters, Polly Bergen, Robert Mitchum, Lisa Eilbacher, Ali MacGraw, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Ben Murphy
Tiger Beat Spectacular, Nov 1971
Star, Sept 27, 1983
From Linda M.
Teen Life, Jan 1972
Teen Life, Jan 1972 
From Linda M. 
From Joanne 
with girlfriend Sharan Lea
National Enquirer, Dec 20, 1983 
From Linda M.
7x9 glossy
with Marshall Colt in Lottery$, Aug 23, 1983
16 Magazine, Mar 1972 
7x9 glossy 
Gemini Man Annual, 1977 
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