Ben Murphy
 Sounds and Video

These audio files from Pete's non-AS&J work are in Windows wav MPEG Layer-3 (MP3) format. If they don't play under Windows, try updating your audio codec with l3codec. For more information or instructions with other operating systems, check out the codec page of Sound America. All TV theme songs are from Sound America.

Video files are MPEG Layer-1 (mpg) and should play most standard media players (Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player, Nero Media Player). They do NOT play well with Quicktime, which does a poor job with this format.

  1. Video Clip from It Takes a Thief - 3.3 MB, The young prince receives the "silly orb"
  2. Video Clip from The Mod Squad- 5.7 MB, The group was supposed to be having a party
  3. The Name of the Game theme - 176K, Theme of Ben's 1968-71 TV series
  4. Audio file of a 1971 with Ben on "Ask Apel." "Ask Apel" was a UK magazine type TV program for kids on BBC-1. It starred Michael Aspel and each week featured an interview. Ben was interviewed when in London in summer 1971 between the first and second seasons of AS&J. This rare recording comes to us thanks from Carol.
  5. Video Clip from The Letters - 6.0 MB, Joe gets a talking to
  6. Video Clip from Sidecar Racers - 6.1 MB, Meeting between boy and girl
  7. The Gemini Man theme - 152K, Theme of Ben's 1976 TV series
  8. Video Clip from This Is The West That Was - 9.6 MB, Cody challenges Hickock
  9. Video Clip from This Is The West That Was - 4.5 MB, Hickock makes some money
  10. Berrengers theme - 204K, Theme of Ben's 1985 TV series
  11. Dirty Dozen: The Series theme - 172 K, Theme of Ben's 1988 TV series
  12. Video Clip from Shades of LA - 3.9 MB, He's back, buddy boy!

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