Gidget Episode Listing

Episodes in which Peter Deuel appeared as Gidget's brother-in-law John Cooper are highlighted in Red. Episodes in which Pete's role is especially prominent (in my opinion) are highlighted in Green. In most of the other episodes where Pete appears, his role is relatively small.
Episodes that can be found on the two commercial Gidget tapes are noted.
  1. Dear Diary - Et Al. (on Beach Blanket Gidget tape)
  2. In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust
  3. The Great Kahuna
  4. Daddy, Come Home
  5. Gidget Gadget
  6. A Hearse, a Hearse, My Kingdom for a Hearse
  7. Gidget is a Proper Noun - ?? - Pete's name appears in the credits for this (and it is only in the credits of Gidget episodes in which he appears). However, he is not on my recording, which is several minutes shorter than the 1965 version due to cuts made in later years by channels wishing to add more commercial time.
  8. Image Scrimmage
  9. Is It Love or Symbiosis? (on Beach Blanket Gidget tape)
  10. All the Best Diseases Are Taken
  11. My Ever Faithful Friend (on Gidget-a-Go-Go tape)
  12. Chivalry Isn't Dead
  13. The War Between Men, Women & Gidget
  14. Gidget's Foreign Policy
  15. Now There's a Face
  16. Too Many Cooks
  17. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Think (on Beach Blanket Gidget)
  18. Like Voodoo
  19. Gidget's Career
  20. Ego a Go Go (on Gidget-a-Go-Go tape)
  21. In and Out with the In-Laws (on Gidget-a-Go-Go tape)
  22. We Got Each Other
  23. Operation Shaggy Dog
  24. Ringa-Ding Dingbat
  25. Love and the Single Gidget
  26. Take a Lesson
  27. Independence - Gidget Style
  28. One More for the Road
  29. Ask Helpful Hannah
  30. A Hard Day's Night
  31. I Have This Friend Who...
  32. Don't Defrost the Alligator

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