Pete Duel
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Title Type
(Episode Title)
Date of Initial Release/Airing Comments
Armstrong Circle Theatre TV Series Guest
(Dishonor System)
April 27, 1961 Dramatic Anthology series filmed in New York 
Target Espionage - You! US Department of Defense Training Film early 1960s   
Channing TV Series Guest
(The Last Testament of Buddy Crown)
Dec 18, 1963  
The Man Nobody Liked Service Film 1963  

 This Is Pharmacy

Promotional Film for the American Pharmaceutical Association

Combat  TV Series Guest
 Sept 22, 1964  
Gomer Pyle USMC TV Series Guest
(Gomer and the Dragon Lady)
Nov 13, 1964   
12 O'Clock High TV Series Guest
(Appointment at Leige)
Nov 20, 1964   
Mickey TV Series Guest
(Crazy Hips McNish)
Dec 16, 1964  
 Gomer Pyle USMC TV Series Guest
(Dance, Marine, Dance)
Jan 8, 1965 16th episode in the series' 1st season
The Fugitive TV Series Guest
(Fun and Games and Party Favors)
Jan 26, 1965  
12 O'Clock High TV Series Guest
(The Hero)
May 7, 1965   
Diamond Jim: Skullduggery in Samantha Unsold TV Pilot 1965  
Gidget TV Series Semi-Regular  Sept 15, 1965 -
April 21, 1966
Click here for a list of the episodes in which Pete appeared as John Cooper, brother-in-law of Gidget (Sally Field)

The entire series is available on a commercial DVD set
The FBI TV Series Guest
(Slow March Up a Steep Hill)
 Oct 10, 1965 4th episode of the series' 1st season 
W.I. A.
Wounded in Action
Theatrical Movie Mar 1966 Filmed in The Phillipines in 1962 or 1963
Love on a Rooftop  TV Series Regular
(30 episodes)
Sept 6, 1966 -
April 6, 1967
Starred as the newlywed husband David Willis
Hollywood Squares Game Show Panelist
Dec 12-16, 1966
Dec 26-30, 1966
May 22, 1967
It was believed that tapes of over 3,500 early episodes were destroyed in 1978, however, there's a recent report that they may exist
The FBI TV Series Guest
(False Witness)
Dec 10, 1967  
The Virginian TV Series Guest
(The Good Hearted Badman)
 Feb 7, 1968  
Ironside TV Series Guest
(Perfect Crime)
Mar 7, 1968 Available commercially on the Ironside, Season 1 DVD set 
The Woody Woodbury Show  Late-Night Variety Show Guest  March 25, 1968  Appeared with his Love on a Rooftop costar, Judy Carne

The date is questionable because such an appearance is usually for publicity while a show is airing (not post-cancellation)
The Hell with Heroes  Theatrical Movie
Sept 4, 1968
(Date of US release)
Large role as pilot Mike Brewer
 Happening '68 Music Show Panelist Sept 7, 1968 Wore "mod" clothes and talked about his career 
The Name of the Game TV Series Guest
(The White Birch)
Nov 29, 1968 Acted with a Czech accent
The Dating Game Game Show Contestant Dec 1968 Selected his date (for a trip to Europe) from 3 bachelorettes
The Virginian TV Series Guest
(The Price of Love)
 Feb 12, 1969   
Marcus Welby, M.D. TV Movie
(A Matter of Humanities)
Sept 23, 1969 Pilot for the TV series
(aka A Time for Giving,
aka A Time for Caring)
Theatrical Movie
Dec 15, 1969
(Date of US release)
Starring role as the husband, Walter Owen
Name Droppers Game Show Panelist Mar 2-6, 1970 According to Game Show Survival List, all episodes of this show were destroyed
The Young Country TV Movie Mar 17, 1970  Unsold TV pilot, starring Roger Davis and produced by Roy Huggins
Insight TV Series Guest
(A Woman of Principle)
Jan 1, 1970 Non-network religious drama
Cannon for Cordoba
(aka Dragon Master)
Theatrical Movie Sept 1970 Filmed in Spain

Portrayed "soldier" Andy Rice
Matt Lincoln TV Series Guest
Oct 29, 1970 Rare, no fan is known to have a tape of this

Note that this is the start of an "11-day first-run Pete Duel marathon on US TV"
The Interns TV Series Guest
(The Price of Life)
Oct 30, 1970  
The Young Lawyers  TV Series Guest
(The Glass Prison)
 Nov 2, 1970  
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers  TV Series Guest
(Trial of a PFC) 
Nov 8, 1970 Burl Ives portrayed a lawyer who defended Pete's character against murder charges
The Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children
(aka Children of the Lotus Eater)
TV Movie Dec 14, 1970 Pilot for the TV series

Pete frequently referred to this role of recovering drug addict Casey Poe as his favorite or best
Ah Man (See What You've Done) Documentary  1970 Ecology documentary that Pete narrated for free
Alias Smith and Jones TV Movie Jan 5, 1971 Pilot for the TV series
Alias Smith and Jones
TV Series Regular
(32 episodes, plus the pilot)
Jan 21, 1971 -
Jan 27, 1972
Portrayed Hannibal Heyes, alias Joshua Smith, until his death on Dec 31, 1971

PAL videos: pilot and 2 episodes are sold as AS&J Vol 1; 3 other episodes are in Classic TV Westerns Vol 1
Marcus Welby, M.D. TV Series Guest
(A Passing of Torches)
Jan 26, 1971 Portrayed an American Indian 
The Psychiatrist TV Series Guest
(In Death's Other Kingdom)
Feb 3, 1971 Reprised the role of Casey Poe for the episode after the pilot

Rare, no fan is known to have a tape of this
The Name of the Game TV Series Guest
(The Savage Eye)
Feb 19, 1971 Appeared with his brother, Geoffrey Deuel
 The Day They Hanged Kid Curry TV Movie Sept 16, 1971 90-minute second season opener for the series is now shown as a TV movie
The Dick Cavett Show Talk Show Guest summer or fall 1971 Appeared with Ben Murphy and invited Cavett to guest star on AS&J, which he did in "21 Days to Tenstrike"
The Merv Griffin Show Talk Show Guest Dec 3, 1971 Pete and Ben Murphy discussed, among other things, the AS&J episode being filmed at the time ("21 Days to Tenstrike")
How to Steal an Airplane
(aka Only One Day Left Before Tomorrow)
TV Movie Dec 10, 1971 Unsold TV pilot, filmed in 1968 as The Scavengers
Hollywood Television Theatre TV Play
(The Scarecrow)
Jan 10, 1972 First episode in the prestigious series
The Gun and The Nun TV Movie
(Compiled from 2 AS&J episodes) 
Unknown -
mid-to-late 1970s
This disjointed combination of "Wrong Train to Brimstone" and "The Reformation of Harry Briscoe" caused both episodes to be removed from AS&J's US syndication package
E!'s Mysteries and Scandals  Biography TV Series
(Peter Duel)
Nov 1, 1999 Half-hour show on Pete's life and death, produced with assistance from his family, friends, and co-workers

There aren't as many film clips as desired (none from AS&J), but the show is well-done and does not sensationalize

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