Ben Murphy
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Title Type
(Episode Title)
Date of Initial Release/Airing Comments
The Graduate Theatrical Movie
Dec 21, 1967
(Date of US release)
 Uncredited role as a shaving student
The Virginian TV Series Guest
(The Decision)
Mar 13, 1968  
It Takes a Thief TV Series Guest
(A Matter of Loyal Larceny)
April 23, 1968  
The Name of the Game TV Series Regular Sept 27, 1968 -
Mar 19, 1971
Recurring role as reporter Joe Sample
Yours, Mine and Ours Theatrical Movie
April 24, 1968
(Date of US release)
The Virginian TV Series Guest
(The Orchard)
Oct 2, 1968  
The Outsider  TV Series Guest
(Tell It Like It Was...And You're Dead)
 Dec 4, 1968  
The Thousand Plane Raid Theatrical Movie 1969  
Medical Center TV Series Guest
(His Brother's Keeper)
April 1, 1970  
The Mod Squad TV Series Guest
(A Far Away Place So Near)
Nov 17, 1970  
Alias Smith and Jones TV Movie Jan 5, 1971 Pilot for the TV series
Alias Smith and Jones
TV Series Regular
(49 episodes, plus the pilot)
Jan 21, 1971 -
Jan 13, 1973
Portrayed Kid Curry, alias Thaddeus Jones

PAL videos: pilot and 2 episodes are sold as AS&J Vol 1; 3 other episodes are in Classic TV Westerns Vol 1
 The Day They Hanged Kid Curry TV Movie Sept 16, 1971 90-minute second season opener for the series is now shown as a TV movie
The Dick Cavett Show Talk Show Guest summer or fall 1971 Appeared with Pete Duel and invited Cavett to guest star on AS&J, which he did in "21 Days to Tenstrike"
The Merv Griffin Show Talk Show Guest Dec 3, 1971 Pete and Ben discussed, among other things, the AS&J episode being filmed at the time ("21 Days to Tenstrike")
The Meaning of the Pledge  Educational Film 1972  A 10 minute film on the US flag's Pledge of Allegiance that was used in grade school classrooms as part of the American Values for Elementary series 
The Gun and The Nun TV Movie
(Compiled from 2 AS&J episodes) 
Unknown -
mid-to-late 1970s
This disjointed combination of "Wrong Train to Brimstone" and "The Reformation of Harry Briscoe" caused both episodes to be removed from AS&J's US syndication package
The Long Chase TV Movie
(Compiled from 3 AS&J episodes)
Unknown -
mid-to-late 1970s
This disjointed combination of "The Long Chase", "High Lonesome Country", and "The Clementine Ingredient" caused all 3 episodes to be removed from AS&J's US syndication package
The Letters  TV Movie Mar 6, 1973 Unsold TV pilot 
Love, American Style TV Series Guest
(Love and the Postal Meeter)
Mar 9, 1973  
(aka The Runaway Train)
TV Movie Sept 29, 1973  

The Case of the Baltimore Girls

TV Movie


This is a compilation TV movie made from the Griff episodes "The Last Ballad" and "All the Lonely People."

Death Follows a Psycho

TV Movie


This is a compilatin TV movie made from the Griff episodes "Countdown to Terror" and "Elephant in a Cage."
Griff TV Series Regular  Sept 29, 1973 -
Jan 4, 1974
Co-starred as Mike Murdoch, the assistant to a private investigator portrayed by Lorne Greene 
Heatwave! TV Movie Jan 26, 1974  
This Is the West That Was TV Movie Dec 17, 1974 Deja vu - a Western narrated by Roger Davis, starring Ben (as Wild Bill Hickok), produced by Roy Huggins and Jo Swerling, Jr
Sidecar Racers
(aka The Team)
 Theatrical Movie 1975 Filmed in Australia, Ben had the starring role as sidecar rider Jeff Rayburn
Marcus Welby, M.D. TV Series Guest
(Four-Plus Hot)
Feb 4, 1975  
The Gemini Man
(aka Code Name: Minus One)
TV Movie May 10, 1976 Pilot for the TV series
Bridger TV Movie Sept 10, 1976 Portrayed Kit Carson in this unsold TV pilot
The Gemini Man TV Series Regular
(12 episodes, but only 6 aired in 1976 in the US)
Sept 26, 1976 -
Oct 28, 1976

Starred as Sam Casey, a government agent who turned invisible using a "wristwatch"

In recent years the series has aired in the US on the Sci-Fi channel

Riding with Death TV Movie 1976 A compilation of several episodes from The Gemini Man TV series
Battle of the Network Stars TV Special Nov 13, 1976 Played on the NBC team, against CBS and ABC prime-time actors
Fantasy Island TV Series Guest
(The Boxer)
Feb 10, 1979  
The Love Boat TV Series Guest
(Best of Friends)
Feb 10, 1979 The exact date may be incorrect, but this did air in 1979
$weepstake$ TV Series Guest
(Cowboy, Linda and Angie, Mark)
 Mar 30, 1979  
The Chisholms TV Mini-Series
(4 parts)
Mar 29, 1979 -
April 19, 1979
Starred as Will Chisholm in this story of an American Western frontier family
The Chisholms TV Series Regular Jan 19, 1980 -
Mar 15, 1980
Reprised the role of Will Chisholm for a short-lived TV series
The Secret War of Jackie's Girls
(aka Five Aces)
TV Movie  Nov 29, 1980 AS&J's executive producer Roy Huggins also produced this unsold TV pilot but "disassociated himself from the project because he felt it had been destroyed by network mettling" 
Unit Four TV Movie Sept 29, 1981 Another unsold TV pilot
Trapper John, M.D.
TV Series Guest
(Medicine Man)
Feb 21, 1982 Trapper was portrayed by Pernell Roberts, who was a memorable guest star (twice) on AS&J 
Time Walker
(aka Being From Another Planet)
Theatrical Movie 1982 Starred as a scientist whose research unleased an alien from a mumy
Fantasy Island TV Series Guest
(Operation Breakout)
Jan 15, 1983  
Uncommon Valor TV Movie Jan 22, 1983 An unsold TV pilot, which is NOT the theatrical movie of the same title (starring Gene Hackman)
The Winds of War TV Mini-Series
(7 parts)
Feb 6-13, 1983 One of the highest rated mini-series of all time
The Love Boat TV Series Guest
(The Maid Cleans)
Mar 12, 1983  
Matt Houston TV Series Guest
(The Beverly Woods Social Club)
Mar 13, 1983 Some online sources erroneously call this "The Beverly Hills Social Club" 
The Guiding Light TV Daytime Drama Guest May 21, 22, 24, 1983 Established his character who was to appear with Guiding Light actors in the TV movie The Cradle Will Fall
The Cradle Will Fall TV Movie May 24, 1983 Appeared with actors from Guiding Light in this Mary Higgins Clark thriller
Lottery! TV Series Regular Sept 8, 1983 -
July 12, 1984
Co-starred as a lottery official Patrick Sean Flaherty, who dispensed money to lucky winners and became briefly involved in their lives
The Merv Griffin Show Talk Show Guest 1983 or 1984 Talked about Lottery!
Battle of the Network Stars XV TV Special Nov 3, 1983 Played on the ABC team, against CBS and NBC prime-time actors
The Love Boat TV Series Guest
(Polly's Poker Palace, Parts 1 and 2)
Feb 4, 1984

 This is also circulating among fans under the story title "Two Tales of a City," but I believe that the story in which Ben appears is entitled "Polly's Poker Palace"
Finder of Lost Loves TV Series Guest
(Losing Touch)
Oct 13, 1984  
Hotel TV Series Guest
Oct 17, 1984  
The Love Boat TV Series Guest
(The Wager)
Nov 3, 1984  
Berrenger's TV Series Regular Jan 5, 1985 -
Mar 16, 1985
A member of the large ensemble cast of this short-lived nighttime soap opera
MacGruder and Loud TV Series Guest
(On the Wire)
Feb 12, 1985  
Gidget's Summer Reunion TV Movie June 1, 1985   
Scarecrow and Mrs. King TV Series Guest
(A Lovely Little Affair)
Sept 23, 1985   
Murder, She Wrote TV Series Guest
(Reflections in the Mind)
Nov 3, 1985  

The Love Boat
TV Series Guest
(Gopher's Delusion)

Feb 1, 1986
Stark: Mirror Image
(aka Stark II)
TV Movie May 14, 1986 Another unsold TV pilot
The Dirty Dozen: The Series TV Series Regular
(10 episodes)
April 30, 1988 -
Aug 21, 1988
One of the first shows on the then-new FOX network
The Twilight Zone TV Series Guest
(Love is Blind)
Mar 25, 1989  

Shades of LA
TV Series Guest
(Pilot episode)

Oct 10, 1990
This is a fun show!
Live Goes On TV Series Guest
(Proms and Prams)
May 5, 1991  
In the Heat of the Night TV Series Guest
(The More Things Change)
Nov 19, 1991  
FBI: The Untold Stories TV Series Guest
(Colonel Penn)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV Series Guest
(Father's Day)
Jan 30, 1993

 Portrayed Ethan Cooper, the natural father of Dr. Quinn's adopted children

At various times in the series (but not necessarily in this episode), a wanted poster of Hannibal Heyes can be seen in the sheriff's office

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV Series Guest
(Cooper vs Quinn: Part 1, Part 2)
Feb 4 and Feb 4, 1995  Portrayed Ethan Cooper, the natural father of Dr. Quinn's adopted children

High Sierra Search and Rescue
TV Series Guest
(Tooter and the Gang)

June 28, 1995
Silk Stalkings TV Series Guest
(Family Values)
Feb 18, 1996  
Baywatch Nights TV Series Guest
April 27, 1996  
JAG TV Series Guest
(The Good of the Service)
Oct 7, 1997  Recurring role as Lt. Colonel John Farrow
Air America TV Series Guest
(Hostage Situation)
Oct 10, 1998  
JAG TV Series Guest
(People vs Mac)
Nov 17, 1998  Recurring role as Lt. Colonel John Farrow
Seven Days
TV Series Guest
(HAARP Attack)
January 27, 1999  
E!'s Mysteries and Scandals  Biography TV Series
(Peter Duel)
Nov 1, 1999 Ben was interviewed for this half-hour show on Pete's life and death
JAG TV Series Guest
(Ghosts of Christmas Past)
Dec 14, 1999  A different role, as Captain Neilsen (Skipper)
Pacific Blue TV Series Guest
(Swimming in the Dead Pool)
Dec 19, 1999  
TV Commercial Impulse Body Spray (UK) 1999  
Hanging Up Theatrical Movie
Feb 16, 2000
(Date of US release)
 Ben's scene was cut from the version that appeared in the theaters, but is included as an add-on in the DVD
 To Protect and Serve Theatrical Movie (independent)
June 11, 2001
(Date of US release)
Ben played Officer Friendly
The District
TV Series Guest
(Lost and Found)
Sept 29, 2001  

Interviews on Granada Plus TV

TV Interviews

Interview on Dutch TV TV Interview 2002  
The Drew Carey Show
 TV Series Guest
(Two Girls for Every Boy)
July 2, 2003   
 Navy NCIS
TV Series Guest
(Sub Rosa)
Nov 18, 2003  
TV Series Guest
(What If) 
Mar 16, 2004 Reprises the role of Lt. Colonel John Farrow 
Judging Amy
TV Series Guest
(My Little Runaway)
May 11, 2004  
 Freezerburn the Movie Independent Film Dec 2005  
Cold Case
TV Series Guest
January 29, 2006   
The Uniform Motion of Folly
Independent Film 2006 This film was written and directed by Ben's ex-wife Jeanne C. Davis
TV Series Guest
(Semper Fi) 
January 20, 2007   
 The Genesis Code  Theatrical Movie 2010 This is available on commercial DVD, following a limited theatrical release.

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