Roger Davis
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Title Type
(Episode Title)
Date of Initial Release/Airing Comments
The Gallant Men TV Series Regular Oct 5, 1962 -
Sept 14, 1963
Portrayed Pvt. Roger Gibson in this World War II drama
PT 109 Theatrical Movie 1963  
Redigo TV Series Regular Sept 24 1963 -
Dec 31, 1963
Portrayed ranch hand Mike
Ride the Wild Surf Theatrical Movie 1964  
The Twilight Zone TV Series Guest
(Spur of the Moment)
Feb 21, 1964 Columbia House video #5876
Bonanza TV Series Guest
(Ballad of the Pondersoa)
 Nov 13, 1966  
The Big Valley TV Series Guest
(The Haunted Gun)
Feb 6, 1967  
Dark Shadows  Daytime TV Series Regular
(126 episodes)
Jan 11, 1968 -
Mar 11, 1970
Actors had multiple roles, Roger's were Jeff Clark, Peter Bradford, Ned Stuart, Dirk Wilkins, and Charles Delaware Tate
 From Here to Eternity TV Movie 1969 Unsold TV pilot, with Roger in the role played by Montgomery Cliff in the movie

Pete Duel auditioned for this role, while Roger auditioned for David Willis in Love on a Rooftop, which went to Pete 
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers TV Series Guest
(Point of Honor)
 Jan 25, 1970  
The Young Country TV Movie Mar 7, 1970 Unsold TV pilot, co-starring Pete Duel and produced by Roy Huggins
River of Gold TV Movie 1970  
The Most Deadly Game TV Series Guest
(Little David)
Oct 10, 1970  
House of Dark Shadows  Theatrical Movie 1970 Reprised his TV series role of Jeff Clark
Commericals TV and Radio 1960s, 1970s Made a great deal of money doing voice-overs for products such as Close-up toothpaste and Canada Dry ginger ale, plus Roger acted in commercials for Chervolet automobiles
Medical Center TV Series Guest
(Web of Darkness)
Jan 13, 1971  
Bonanza TV Series Guest
(Top Hand)
Jan 17, 1971  
Alias Smith and Jones TV Series Narrator
(33 episodes)
Jan 21, 1971 -
Jan 27, 1972
Narration of AS&J's opening credits was taken over by Ralph Story after Roger assumed the role of Hannibal Heyes

PAL videos: pilot and 2 episodes are sold as AS&J Vol 1; 3 other episodes are in Classic TV Westerns Vol 1
Alias Smith and Jones TV Series Guest
(Smiler with a Gun)
Oct 7, 1971 Portrayed Danny Bilson, the only character killed by Kid Curry in the series and winner of this site's most Villainous Villain poll

Medical Center
TV Series Guest

Oct 13, 1971
 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers
TV Series Guest
(The Long Morning After, Part 1)
Jan 9, 1972  Roger does not appear in Part 2 of this 2-part episode 
Alias Smith and Jones TV Series Regular
(17 episodes)
Feb 3, 1972 -
Jan 13, 1973
Assumed the role of Hannibal Heyes, alias Joshua Smith, after the death of Pete Duel
Night Gallery TV Series Guest
(You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan)
Nov 12, 1972  
The Long Chase TV Movie
(Compiled from 3 AS&J episodes)
Unknown -
mid-to-late 1970s
This disjointed combination of "The Long Chase", "High Lonesome Country", and "The Clementine Ingredient" caused all 3 episodes to be removed from AS&J's US syndication package

Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law
TV Series Guest
(Some People in the Park)

Feb 21, 1973

The Wide World of Mystery
 TV Series Guest
(A Little Bit Like Murder)

Mar 30, 1973

 TV Series Guest
(Butch Cassidy Rides Again)

 Oct 14, 1973
The New Perry Mason
TV Series Guest
(The Case of the Murdered Murderer)
Oct 28, 1973  
Faraday and Company
TV Series Guest
Dec 12, 1973  
Ironside TV Series Guest
(Once More for Joey)
Jan 17, 1974 Appeared with Geoffrey Deuel and Judy Carne 
Killer Bees TV Movie 1974 Horror movie

TV Series Guest
(Randall's Pride)

Apr 4, 1974
The Rockford Files TV Series Guest
(The Kirkoff Case)
 Sept 13, 1974 Many of AS&J's producers/directors/writers worked on this series, which was created by Roy Huggins as a starring vehicle for Ben Murphy (unfortunately for Ben, the studio or network preferred James Garner)
This Is the West That Was TV Movie
Dec 17, 1974 Deja vu - a Western narrated by Roger, starring Ben Murphy, produced by Roy Huggins and Jo Swerling, Jr.
The Education of Sonny Carson TV Movie 1974 This is listed in the Internet Movie Database as a Roger Davis appearance, but I've seen this and could not spot "our" Roger in it. I think that this is another Roger Davis.
Flash and the Firecat Theatrical Movie 1975 Starred as Firecat, a bank robber who got away in a dune buggy
The Bionic Woman TV Series Guest
(Welcome Home Jamie, Part 1)
Jan 11, 1976 Series premiere
Nashville Girl
(aka Country Music Daughter,
aka New Girl in Town)
Theatrical Movie 1976  

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
 TV Series Guest
(The Mystery of the Haunted House)

 Jan 30, 1977
Aspen TV Mini-Series Nov 5-7, 1977  Produced by AS&J's Roy Huggins and Jo Swerling, Jr.

Re-run May 31-June 28, 1979 as The Innocent and the Damned
Wonder Woman TV Series Guest
(The Man Who Made Volcanoes)
Nov 18, 1977  
(aka Blood Ruby)
Theatrical Movie 1977 Horror movie  
Quincy, M.E. TV Series Guest
(Visitors in Paradise)
Feb 18, 1977  
Galactica 1980 TV Series Guest
(The Night the Cylons Landed, Parts 1 and 2)
April 13 and 20, 1980  
The Act
(aka Bless 'em All)
Theatrical Movie 1982  
The Highwayman TV Series Guest
April 29, 1988 AS&J's Glen Larson was executive producer of this series
Matlock TV Series Guest
(The Cult)
May 2, 1989  
Chameleons TV Movie 1989 Unsold TV pilot, written/directed by AS&J's creator/writer Glen Larson 
Night Man TV Series Guest
(Double Vision)
May 4, 1998  
Beyond the Pale Theatrical Movie 1999 Won the award for best drama feature at the 2000 Houston International Film Festival
E!'s Mysteries and Scandals  Biography TV Series
(Peter Duel)
Nov 1, 1999 Roger was interviewed for this half-hour show on Pete's life and death
 Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood Audio Drama 2004  This reunited the original Dark Shadows cast for the first time in over 30 years

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