Geoffrey Deuel
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Title Type
(Episode Title)
Date of Initial Release/Airing Comments
 The Young Marrieds TV Series Guest
Unknown -
Show aired from 1964 to 1966
12 O'Clock High TV Series Guest
Dec 30, 1966  
Occasional Wife TV Series Guest
(Fair Play for Gypsies)
Jan 17, 1967  
TV Series Guest
(Act of Violence) 
Jan 28, 1967   
 The Monkees TV Series Guest
(Monkees Manhattan Style)
April 10, 1967 On Tape 11 of the Monkees Video Box Set 
The Invaders TV Series Guest
(The Condemned
May 9, 1967  
Bonanza TV Series Guest
(Sense of Duty)
Sept 24, 1967   
High Chaparral TV Series Guest
(The Assassins)
 Jan 7, 1968  
The Flying Nun TV Series Guest
(May the Wind Always Be At Your Back)
Mar 28, 1968  
 The FBI
TV Series Guest
(The Widow)
Dec 29, 1968  
Adam-12  TV Series Guest
(Log 73: I'm Still a Cop)
Feb 22, 1969  
Mannix TV Series Guest
(Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly)
Sept 27, 1969  
The Mod Squad TV Series Guest
(A Place to Run, A Heart to Hide In)
Dec 2, 1969  
The House on Greenapple Road TV Movie  Jan 11, 1970 Chris George starred in this pilot for the Dan August TV series, but Burt Reynolds starred in the actual series
Chisum Theatrical Movie
July 29, 1970
(Date of US release)

 Featured role as Billy the Kid in a John Wayne movie

The remastered commercial DVD of this movie looks incredibly good

The FBI TV Series Guest
(Time Bomb)
Oct 25, 1970  
Medical Center TV Series Guest
(The Savage Image)
Dec 30, 1970  
To Rome with Love TV Series Guest
(Making a Scene)
Jan 5, 1971  
Name of the Game TV Series Guest
(The Savage Eye)
Feb 19, 1971 Appeared with his brother, Pete Duel
 The Dating Game Game Show Panelist Unknown Perhaps this is incorrect, but Geoff may have been on the show in the late 60s or early 70s
TV Series Guest
(The Immigrant)
June 26, 1971 Non-network religious drama
The Smith Family TV Series Guest
(Man in the Middle)
 Nov 24, 1971  
 Movin' On TV Movie July 24, 1972 Unsold TV pilot with Geoff and Patrick Wayne (John's son) starred as racers traveling the US
Terminal Island Theatrical Movie 1973
Mission Impossible TV Series Guest
(The Fighter)
Feb 9, 1973  
The Streets of San Francisco TV Series Guest
Feb 15, 1973  
The FBI TV Series Guest
(Memory of a Legend)
Mar 11, 1973   
Toma TV Series Guest
(Ambush on 7th Avenue)
Oct 11, 1973  
Cannon TV Series Guest
(Hounds of Hell)
Sept 26, 1973  
The Magician TV Series Guest
(Lightning on a Dry Day)
Oct 30, 1973  
The Streets of San Francisco TV Series Guest
Jan 3, 1974  
Ironside TV Series Guest
(Once More for Joey)
Jan 17, 1974 Appeared with Roger Davis and Judy Carne
Marcus Welby, M.D. TV Series Guest
(Out of Control)
Feb 26, 1974  
The Planet of the Apes TV Series Guest
(The Good Seeds)
Oct 4, 1974 Portrayed an ape
Petrocelli TV Series Guest
(A Life for a Life)
Oct 9, 1974  
Nakia TV Series Guest
(The Driver)
 Nov 2, 1974  
Barnaby Jones TV Series Guest
(The Last Contract)
Dec 31, 1974  
The Manhunter TV Series Guest
(AWOL to a Kill)
1974 or 1975  
Mannix TV Series Guest
(Chance Meeting)
Jan 19, 1975  
Joe Forrester TV Series Guest
(Stake Out) 
Sept 9, 1975   
The Young and the Restless TV Daytime Drama Unknown -
Show first aired Mar 26, 1973 and is on-going 
Played 6 separate roles, but these must have been short, one-time appearances because Geoff is not in the show's cast lists
 TV Commercials Folgars Coffee
Hop"N"Gator Beer
Toyota Trucks
Murry Mowers 
Unknown Geoff lists these in a his CV, which he sent to a fan 
The Chinese Caper
(aka China Heat)
Theatrical Movie 1978 Filmed in Taiwan in 1974 or 1975
 This is the Life TV Series Guest
Unknown -
Probably 1983 or 1984
Played 2 separate roles 
Amateur Night Theatrical Movie 1986  
In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders TV Movie Nov 27, 1988 Filmed in Florida
108 Stitches
Theatrical Movide
Oct 2001
(Date of US release)
Filmed in South Carolina

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