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Interviews or Non-Teen Items
Teen Fan Magazine Items

    Interviews or Non-Teen Items:

  1. "Young Country Shows its Spiritual Home of Origin", Hollywood Reporter, March 19, 1970. A review of the TV movie starring Roger and Pete.
  2. Two short newspaper items on the recast, Dallas Morning News, January 5, 1972. This is the only website item from 1971/1972 dealing with Pete's death and the recast which mentions the "chemistry" between Pete and Ben. Thanks to Joni.
  3. "News Around the Dials: Roger Davis Opener is Set", unknown newspaper, January 5, 1972. This is the only website item about the recast that mentions the Bewitched recast. Thanks to KathStath.
  4. Photo and Caption on "River of Gold", Boston Sunday Globe TV Week, March 7, 1971.
  5. "The Doan Report: New Actor to Pop Up In 'Alias Smith' Role In Western Series", TV Guide, January 1972. Thanks to Marilyn.
  6. "Roger Davis Replaces Late Peter Duel in Series", Salisbury Post, Entertainment Section, January 15, 1972. A short item that I clipped out of my hometown newspaper in 1972.
  7. "A Troubled TV Replacement", The Sunday Star (Washington, DC) TV Magazine, February 13, 1972. The earliest interview with Roger that I have.
  8. "Actor Concerned About Replacing Peter Duel in 'Smith, Jones' Series", unknown newspaper, early 1972. From Marilyn.
  9. "'It was good for me and yet it was bad' The Dilemma of Roger Davis", Los Angeles Herald-Examiner TV Weekly, February 27, 1972. Roger discusses the recast, Pete, and his first week as Heyes. The text repeats rumors that Roger been first choice for the role of Heyes. However, it was the writer who said this (not Roger) and elsewhere Roger and Roy Huggins have denied this.
  10. "Roger Davis...The Show Went On", unknown newspaper, March 9, 1972. Thanks to Judy.
  11. "It's Roger to the rescue", The Cleveland Press, March 24, 1972. Press service story about the recast, which includes a very nice color photo of Roger.
  12. "Tragedy--and a boost", Boston Sunday Globe TV week, March 26, 1972. An article about the recast with quotes from Roger.
  13. "Roger Davis Learns It's $$ that Makes the Show Go On", Salisbury Post, March 28, 1972. Press service story about the recast, which I cut out of my local newspaper in 1972.
  14. "Did You Know? Replaces Duel!", Movieland and TV Time, April 1972. Includes a nice photo of Roger from The Young Country.
  15. Excerpt from "Marcia in Movietown", Silver Screen, April 1972. A short recast item with info on Roger.
  16. "Roger Davis: The New Hannibal Heyes. Can He Make It?", 'TEEN Magazine, May 1972. The interviewer fawns over Roger, but that isn't really his fault. I've lost the actual magazine and now only have the text, without photos.
  17. Excerpt from "Televisionary", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, May 1972. An item on the recast. Most notably, this includes a rare photo of Roger in his Gallant Men TV series.
  18. "Davis succees in a Duel role", The Sunday Record, May 21, 1972. An interview with Roger about the recast. Sent by KathStath.
  19. "Roger Davis, Nuevo Interprete de 'Los Dos Mosqueteros'", Lecturas, 26.5.72. Large scan (295K) of Spanish article. Thanks to Ana.
  20. "Roger Davis, The New Actor in 'Alias Smith and Jones'", Lecturas, May 26, 1972. Translation of the article above by Elaine.
  21. "The Public Eye: It's a New 'Hannibal Hayes'--Not Another Pete Duel", TV Radio Mirror, August 1972. The Public Eye was a monthly feature in the magazine.
  22. "Roger Davis", source unknown, 1972. Sent by bryanne, this may be a brief item from a newspaper.
  23. "Fine Actor - Alias Roger Davis!", unknown movie magazine, 1972. An interesting interview where Roger speaks favorably of both Pete and Ben. Horse enthusiasts may find this interesting. Thanks to bryanne.
  24. "Roger Davis: Making Up for Lost Time", Screen Stars, October 1972. An interview with interesting comments about TV shows, Pete, and life. Thanks to bryanne.
  25. "Roger Davis Sets the Record Straight: 'Peter Duel and I Were Friends...But We Were Certainly Not Like Brothers", Movie Life, July 1972. An interview where Roger talks about Pete and the recast. Roger dispells the myth that he was originally considered for a role in AS&J.
  26. "He Chose a Script Over Law Books", TV Week, Boston Sunday Globe, August 20, 1972. An interview with Roger. Among other things, he discusses the aborted plans to have Sally Field as a "regular" on the show.
  27. Photos and Captions, Movieland & TV Time Annual, Spring and Fall 1972. Pictures of Pete, Ben, Roger, and Sally Field.
  28. "Roger Davis: His Success Story Began With His Good Friend's Suicide", Silver Screen, September 1972. An interview were, among other things, Roger talks about working with Pete in The Young Country. Thanks to bryanne.
  29. Excerpt from "Remember You Read About It First in Photoplay...", Photoplay, November 1972. Very short item relating to AS&J's filming in Utah.
  30. "Roger Davis: He Kidnapped the Woman He Loved! One Week Later He Married Her", Photoplay, November 1972. An interesting interview with Roger where he talks about his marriage to Jaclyn Smith, the AS&J recast, and Pete.
  31. "Roger Davis: 'We're Either Going To Have A Child Or A Divorce'", Photo Screen, November 1972. They had a divorce.
  32. "Roger Davis: A Different Kind of Hero", TV 73, by Peggy Hudson, 1972, pp. 77-81. This includes interesting comments about the appeal of AS&J.
  33. "Davies (Roger)", origin and date unknown. A number of European publications, including one of the UK AS&J annuals, spell Roger's last name wrong. Sent by Pamela.
  34. "Now Lawyer Roger Takes a Six-Gun", unknown UK newspaper, ca. 1973. Thanks to Leezz. Roger taught English (not law) and he made a conscious decision to become an actor (not a haphazard one after becoming an extra).
  35. "Roger Davis Talks About the Strange Conflict in His Marriage...And the Stranger Way He Works It Out!", TV Radio Show, January 1973. He also talks about Pete and AS&J. Roger and Jaclyn were divorced in the mid-70s--without having children.
  36. "Roger Davis' Model Marriage", Movie Stars, January 1973.
  37. "I Don't Expect My Wife to Sit at Home...And Wait for Me!", Modern Screen, February 1973. An interview with Roger that includes a color photo. He has some nice things to say about AS&J's executive producer Roy Huggins.
  38. "Roger Davis: 'I Don't Take Life Very Seriously'", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, March 1973.
  39. "Roger Davis: Pooling His Resources!", TV and Movie Screen, March 1973. Pooling is the operative word here.
  40. "Roger Davis Le Quita Las 'Fans' A Ben Murphy", Lecturas, March 30, 1973. Also thanks to Ana.
  41. "Ben Murphy's Fans Switch to Roger Davis", Lecturas, March 30, 1973. English translation of the above Spanish article, thanks to the talented Elaine. This goes to show that you can't always believe informal surveys.
  42. "A Man Called Roger Davis", The Magazine for Young Age, Issue 3, March 3, 1973.
  43. "Basically, Roger's a Ham", Radio Times, October 1973. Abridged. Thanks to Thorne, who only copied the AS&J-related text when she found this in a library several years ago.
  44. "Roger Alias Filmstar!", FAB 208, 1974. Thanks to Leezz.
  45. "Small Screen Stars: Roger Davis", Photoplay Film Monthly (Australia and New Zealand), August 1974. Includes a nice color photo. That open-shirt-at-chest look must have been popular in 1974. Numerous stars in this magazine are photographed that way.
  46. "What It's Like To Take Over A Dead Man's Identity!", Movie Mirror, March 1975. An interview with Roger, which includes quotes from a studio executive about Roger's first days on the AS&J set.
  47. "When Love Won't Leave", Movie Life, September 1977. An article on Roger and his first wife, Jaclyn Smith.
  48. Excerpt from "Jaclyn Smith - She'll Never Tarnish Her "Halo"!", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, September 1977.
  49. "Roger Davis & Jaclyn Smith", Television Age, All About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978. I wonder if the magazine mentions that they were divorced around 1975 and both had remarried by 1978.
  50. Excerpt from "My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows", by Kathryn Leigh Scott, 1986. A paragraph on Roger and his character list. I've also included a few Dark Shadows photos from various sources.
  51. "Uncommon Wealth", Lexington Herald Leader, October 22, 2000. Roger is mentioned in an interesting item on Louisville's Seelbach Hotel. Thanks to bryanne.
    Teen Fan Magazine Items:
  52. "Roger Davis", Superstar, March 1972.
  53. Fact Sheet for Roger Davis, FAB 208, March 1972. From Leezz.
  54. "Meet the New 'Hannibal Heyes! Roger Davis", flip, May 1972.
  55. "Meet Roger Davis", 16 Magazine, May 1972.
  56. Excerpt from "If I Couldn't Be Me!", flip Superstars Poster Annual, summer 1972.
  57. Excerpt from "Looking Back....", flip Superstars Poster Annual, summer 1972. This is from a photo and caption summary for the past year (from the teen point of view, of course).
  58. "Ben's New Friend!", Tiger Beat, mid-1972. From bryanne.
  59. Excerpt from "Star Bright", unknown teen magazine, 1972.
  60. Short item on Roger's work in voice-overs, unknown teen magazine, mid-1972. From bryanne.
  61. "A flip Interview with Roger Davis", flip, September 1972. A rather short interview, but with a color photo.
  62. Excerpts from "Hollywood Buzz", 'TEEN, September 1972. Short items on Ben and Roger.
  63. "The Alias Smith and Jones Story, Part 5", Superstar, October 1972.
  64. Excerpt from "TV News", SPEC 16 Magazine, December 1972.
  65. Homes, Sweet Homes!, FAB 208, 1972 or 1973. Thanks to Leezz.
  66. "Goodbye--Smith and Jones!", Tiger Beat, 1972 or 1973. AS&J aired its last original episode on January 13, 1973.
  67. "Ben & Roger from A to Z", SPEC 16 Magazine, January 1973.
  68. "Special News: For All Fans of Alias Smith & Jones", British AS&J Fan Club Newsletter, Superstar, March 1973. Sent by Asialee.
  69. "Have a Hobby Like the Stars", FAB 208 Annual, 1975. Thanks to Leezz. In addition to the article in question, this includes scans of the cover and a great photo of Heyes (Roger) and Curry.

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