Ben Murphy
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Interviews or Non-Teen Items
Teen Fan Magazine Items

    Interviews or Non-Teen Items:

  1. "From a College Drop Out to a Murphy Bed of Roses", Los Angeles Herald-Examiner TV Weekly, February 21, 1971. See Ben and Paul side-by-side, plus read about AS&J's hectic shooting schedule. In case you don't understand the infamy reference, December 7 (1941) is the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  2. "He Looks Just Like...", Boston Sunday Globe TV Week, March 7, 1971. An early interview with Ben. Particularly noteworthy are his comments on why he was glad to be cast opposite Pete.
  3. "Western Series Performer Lead Lengthy College Career", Syracuse Herald Journal, April 8, 1971. An early interview that includes several interesting quotes from Ben. The writer was the entertainment reporter for the Syracuse Herald Journal. Thanks to Alice.
  4. "Shooting Star of the Month: Ben Murphy", Screen Stars, May 1971. A long interview with Ben while he was working on AS&J's first season.
  5. "The Fan Letters I Answer First!", Movieland and TV Time, June 1971. This is the earliest long interview that I have on Ben. He doesn't say much about fan letters, but he does tell a great deal about his background--perhaps more than in any other interview. For comparison, here's a photo of Paul Newman from the same magazine.
  6. "Alias Pete Duel & Ben Murphy: Outlaws On the Lookout for In-Laws! Why They Both Need To Get Married", TV Family, June 1971. Two of the Heyes photos were reverse images which I flipped.
  7. "Smith and Jones: 'Nothing Phoney About It'", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 27, 1971. Includes quotes from Ben. Thanks to Ana for this. The copy's photo was too dark so I replaced it with the same photo that I cropped from a glossy print. Here's a scan of the complete glossy photo.
  8. "Personal Life Stories of Your Fav Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, July 1971. Just the Pete and Ben sections here. The same write-ups appeared in the October 1971 issue of this magazine.
  9. "Profiles on TV's Sexy New Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, July 1971.
  10. "The Real Smith and Jones", 'TEEN Magazine, August 1971. 'TEEN's celebrity editor went on a date with Ben and they talked with Pete. Moderately sappy. 'TEEN is not a teenage fan magazine--it is more like a LADIES HOME JOURNAL for teenagers. The author later became a celebrity photographer, had an affair with Cary Grant, and wrote a tell-all biography about Grant after his death.
  11. "Ben Murphy: Will I Ever Fall in Love Again?", TV Radio Talk, August 1971. A long interview.
  12. "Shoulders Are To Shrug & Giggle With", Motion Picture, September 1971. An interview with Ben. Many photos. Since the girl in the photos, Sallie Shockley, isn't mentioned in the interview, I don't think she was a special girlfriend. This was probably just a studio publicity shoot.
  13. "Ben Murphy: A Freaky Kind of Guy", TV Movie Backstage, September 1971. A poorly written article that rambles on for 6 paragraphs before it even talks about Ben. However, it has three really nice Heyes and Curry photos.
  14. "The Tiger Beat Interview, Part 1: An In-Depth Talk with Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, September 1971. While this is in a teen magazine, it is a "real" interview.
  15. "Pete Duel & Ben Murphy Confess: 'We Don't Believe in Marriage!' Why They Still Get 100 Proposals a Week!", Screen Mirror, September 1971. Sent by Ana.
  16. "Ben Murphy's Women", Modern Screen, September 1971. A very long interview with Ben.
  17. "Why Ben Murphy Won't Marry Until He's 60!", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, September 1971. An interview with Ben, where he talks about AS&J and Pete. Thanks to Asialee.
  18. "Ben Murphy--He's Been on the Run Since He's 18--And He Says: 'People Don't Know Who I Am!'", TV Radio Show, September 1971. One of the more interesting interviews with Ben. This contains many long quotes, plus a rare and unusual photo.
  19. "Good-Looking Look Alikes--Butch Cassidy and Kid Curry Meet Head-On", TV Star Screen, September 1971. They do look alike in these head-to-head photos.
  20. "Murphy Likes Bachelorhood", Syracuse Herald Journal, September 6, 1971. A short interview with Ben. Thanks to Alice.
  21. "The Tiger Beat Interview, Part 2: An In-Depth Talk with Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, October 1971.
  22. Excerpt from "Hot Hollywood and T.V. Gossip!", TV Movie Pin Ups, October 1971.
  23. "Personal Life Stories of All the Top Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, December 1971. Only the paragraphs on Pete and Ben are here. Pete also had one of the featured articles, while the big picture of Ben is a one-page photo pin-up.
  24. Transcript of Pete and Ben's appearance on The Merv Griffin Show, December 3, 1971. This was prepared for us by Electra, who saw the show herself back in 1971.
  25. "Ben Murphy: Too Busy Being Himself to Act Like a Star", Movie Stars, January 1972. The article talks about Ben's life but there aren't significant quotes from him, suggesting that the writer didn't talk to Ben.
  26. "Ben Murphy: Like a Kid in a Candy Store", TV Radio Show, January 1972. A little text and many photos, including an interesting one of Ben on horseback.
  27. "The Bright World of Ben Murphy & The Dark World of Pete Duel. They're Different As Night And Day--But Still Friends!", Screen Life, January 1972. An article comparing Pete and Ben by temperament.
  28. "A Trail of Broken Hearts", TV Radio Mirror, January 1972. An insightful interview with Ben.
  29. "David Cassidy/Ben Murphy Judy Strangis: She Had To Choose. You Should Have Such Problems", TV Radio Show, February 1972.
  30. "The World's Greatest Lover (That's what Ben Murphy's trophy says)", TV Guide, February 19, 1972. An interview with Ben. This is a hoot! Ben was (is?) a real babe magnet.
  31. Excerpt from "Hollywood's Sexiest Bachelors", Movie Stars, February 1972. Only the Pete and Ben sections are given here.
  32. "How Ben Murphy is Helping Claudine Forget Andy Williams", TV Movie Scene, March 1972. There are a few quotes from Ben, but this is not really an interview. Sent by Beth.
  33. Excerpt from "Rona Barretts' Have You Heard?", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, April 1972. Very short item on Ben.
  34. Excerpt from "Tony Rizzo's Fan Fare", Movie World, April 1972. Alias Hollywood Swinger?
  35. "Ben Murphy: 'I Don't Trust Women!'", TV Radio Show, May 1972. A long interview with Ben.
  36. "Ben Murphy: The Love That Threatens His Future", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, May 1972. This includes a great Kid Curry photo.
  37. "Personal Life Stories of All Your Fav Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, May 1972. Only the paragraph on Ben is given here.
  38. "The Two Sides of Ben Murphy: Ruthless Lover | Tender Friend!", TV and Movie Screen, May 1972. An unusual interview with Ben.
  39. "A Bachelor Who's Looking", Movieland and TV Time, June 1972. An early 1972 interview where Ben discusses his relationship with Pete.
  40. "Attention Girls! Ben Murphy Finds His Girl Friends From Fan Letters. This Is How You Turn This Lonely Bachelor On!", Movie Life, June 1972. This doesn't give the impression that he is very lonely. Thanks to Asialee.
  41. "They All Want To Date The Jones Boy", Weekend, July 26, 1972. Rare early statements to a UK magazine from Ben about Pete's death, plus info on Ben himself, and rare photos. Thanks to Francesca.
  42. Excerpt from "Stars Do A Snow Job!", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, August 1972. From Asialee.
  43. "The Alias Smith and Jones Story, Part 3", Superstar, August 1972. Many quotes from Ben, including about Pete and about fans. Sent by Asialee.
  44. "Sex Problem Forces Ben Murphy to Announce: 'No Wedding!'", TV Radio Show, September 1972. The title is obviously meant to be provocative, but this also includes some interesting comments about Ben's reaction to Pete's death. Courtesy of bryanne.
  45. Photos and Captions, Movieland & TV Time Annual, Spring and Fall 1972. Pictures of Pete, Ben, Roger, and Sally Field.
  46. "Ben Murphy", source unknown, early 1970s. A short item from the AS&J era. Thanks to Pamela G.
  47. "Sexy Bachelors Who Can Be Had! Ben Murphy", Hollywood Secrets Yearbook, 1972. Very short.
  48. "All over America there are little girls in love with him", Radio Times, October 1972. An interview with Ben.
  49. "Girl After Girl After Girl", Screen Stories, September 1972. An interview with Ben, thanks to bryanne.
  50. "Bachelor-Boy Ben Murphy in Love", TV Star Parade, October 1972. A relatively short interview with Ben. From bryanne.
  51. Excerpt from "Swinging Singles", Movie TV Family Album, 1972. A paragraph with a photo.
  52. "Big Ben", Jackie, 1972 or 1973. An interview with a UK publication, with info about Ben's pre-AS&J jobs. Thanks to Debbie.
  53. "The Private Side of Big Ben Murphy: 'Sometimes I Think I'm Going Off The Deep End!", TV Family, January 1973(?). There's confusion about this magazine's date. On the cover it only says "January", while the Table of Contents gives both "January 1972" and "December 1972". Based on the content, my guess is that it's the January 1973 issue.
  54. Excerpt from "Pam's Party Line", TV Family, January 1973(?). Just a photo and caption.
  55. Excerpt from "Letters, We Get Letters!", TV Family, January 1973(?).
  56. "Ben Murphy and Burt Reynolds in London!", Movieland and TV Time, February 1973. Just the Ben stuff here--let Burt get his own website. Thanks to Asialee.
  57. "Ben Murphy--'The World's Greatest Lover'--Contemplates Death", TV Star Parade, March 1973. An interview with Ben. The title is misleading because there's little talk of death in this--and what there is involves James Dean. The article includes a discussion of AS&J's fan following.
  58. Excerpt from "Televisionary", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, March 1973. Short quote, attributed to Ben, about Pete's death.
  59. "Ben Murphy California Man", Superstar, March 1973. This is an teen magazine, but it is a "real" interview. Thanks to Asialee.
  60. "The Leading Man in Fashion: Ben Murphy", TV Tele*Guia Programas, No. 1,073 -- Del Jueves lo. al Miercoles, March 7, 1973. Scan of a Spanish article with translation from the site's message board by Jo, Marla, Connie, and Shannon. This is the Spanish equivalent of TV Guide and Ben is on the cover.
  61. "TV's Ben Murphy: 'I'm What You Might Call a Quiet Swinger", Family Weekly, March 18, 1973. A long interview with Ben where he speaks about the impact of Pete's death on his life, among other things. Thanks to KathStath.
  62. "Roger Davis Le Quita Las 'Fans' A Ben Murphy", Lecturas, March 30, 1973. Also thanks to Ana.
  63. "Ben Murphy's Fans Switch to Roger Davis", Lecturas, March 30, 1973. English translation of the above Spanish article, thanks to the talented Elaine. This goes to show that you can't always believe informal surveys.
  64. "Ben Murphy", The Magazine for Young Age, Issue 3, March 1973.
  65. "Ben Murphy as Jed 'Kid' Curry in 'Alias Smith and Jones'", The Magazine for Young Age, Issue 3, March 1973.
  66. "Alias Ben Murphy: The Hidden Side of a Strange Man....He Never Talked About It Till Now", TV Radio Show, April 1973. An interesting interview with Ben.
  67. "Star Von Heute", Bravo, June 1973. A short German article with English translation by Carolyn.
  68. "The Very Private Bachelor Pad of Ben Murphy", Photo Screen, July 1973. Photos with little text.
  69. "Ben Murphy's Look-Alike Problem", TV Heroes, 1973. A rare interview from the time of Griff. Read why Ben compares himself to Cinderalla.
  70. Excerpt from "Bess and Ben", Viva!, November 1973. This is just the text and the less revealing photos. The article has many more photos, which I do not have.
  71. Excerpt about Ben's Viva! spread, Annabel, ca. 1973. This is from a UK magazine.
  72. "Ben Murphy Confesses: 'No Woman Can Tie Me Down'", TV and Movie Screen, February 1975. An interview with Ben. Curley Jones? Thanks to Roxann.
  73. "Biography BEN MURPHY", Movie News, May/June 1975. An article in an Australian film magazine promoting the movie Sidecar Racers. Thanks to Asialee.
  74. Excerpt from "Sidecar Racers Pressbook", ca. 1975. From Roxann.
  75. Short "gossip column" item, unknown magazine, mid-1970s.
  76. "Murphy Takes Invisibility to Television", unknown newspaper, August, 28, 1976. This includes some interesting quotes from Ben. Thanks to Marilyn.
  77. "I'm a Highly-Paid Bum. I Got Just What I Wanted...", 19, October 1975. 19 is (was?) a UK magazine for older teenagers. This is a very interesting interview with Ben, although some of his quotes are contradictory. He talks briefly about Pete and AS&J--but still in more detail than found elsewhere.
  78. "Ben Murphy TV's Most Eligible Bachelor", Photoplay Film Monthy (UK), November 1975.
  79. "Ben Murphy", Superstars 76 Annual, 1976. Sent by Lyn and Ana.
  80. "Ben Murphy--the New 'Gemini Man': 'I'm an Authority at Getting Girls into Bed", Motion Picture, September 1976. Maybe he was misquoted or just having a bad day.
  81. "Monday: Gemini Man" and Ad, TV Guide, September 18, 1976.
  82. "Gemini Man", The Hartford Courant, TV Week, October 3-9, 1976. Thanks to Roxann.
  83. "Now When He's Invisible, It's Only Acting", TV Guide, October 9, 1976. An interview with Ben during his Gemini Man period. There are some comments that relate to AS&J.
  84. Gemini Man, In the Know, October 1976. From Asialee.
  85. "The Real Ben Murphy", Unknown UK magazine, 1976.
  86. "Ben Murphy", Unknown magazine, 1976.
  87. "Why Ben Murphy Agreed to Play 'The Gemini Man'", Midnight, 1976.
  88. "Our Lovable Lucky Will Costar in an Episode of New TV Series, 'Gemini Man'" National Enquirer, 1976. Don't Ben and Lucky make a cute couple!
  89. "You Rate the New TV Shows: Gemini Man", TV Mirror, November 1976. Very short item on Ben's short-lived series.
  90. "The New Life-Style of Ben (Gemini Man) Murphy", Photoplay Film Monthly, December 1976.
  91. "The Gemini Man and Ben Murphy", TV's Dynamic Heroes, 1976. Thanks to Roxann. Among other things, this includes a rare photo of Ben from the TV movie This Is The West That Was.
  92. "A Clear View of the Gemini Man", Dynamite, late 1976. An interview with Ben for a youth scholastic magazine.
  93. "Le Nouvel Homme Invisible", French magazine, 1976. Short item on Ben's TV series, which has been translated into English by Elaine. Both French and English versions are given here. The English title is "The New Invisible Man".
  94. "Ben Was Upset!", unknown UK publication, 1976 or later. Short item with quotes from Ben about the cancellation of Gemini Man. Thanks to Pamela G.
  95. "Ben Murphy--March 6", unknown magazine.
  96. "Ben Murphy--Just A Highly Paid Bum", Coronet, February 1977. Similar, but not identical, to another article that is already on the website.
  97. Excerpt from "The Battle of the Network Stars!", Rona Barrett's Hollywood, March 1977. An unusual photo and caption on Ben. According to the rest of the article, this was an acrimonious event with many insults and cries of foul.
  98. "Gymnastics Gemini Style--Or Ben Murphy Works Out!", Movie Mirror, March 1977.
  99. "Face to Face with Ben Murphy", FAB 208, June 11, 1977. Although in a teen fan magazine, this is a "real" interview with Ben. I hadn't realized that FAB 208 still featured him so late into the 1970s.
  100. "The Twin Life of TV's Gemini Man Alias Actor: Ben Murphy", Gemini Man Annual, 1977. This includes some great color photos, including one of Heyes and Curry.
  101. "TV Scene's Art Gallery of Favourites: Ben Murphy", Photoplay (UK), March 1978. This has a nice color photo that I've never seen before. The other favorites are Robert Wagner, Peter Falk, and James Garner.
  102. "Ben Murphy as Jed 'Kid' Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones)", Television Age, Aal [sic] About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 3, 1978.
  103. "The Biography of Ben Murphy'", Television Age, Aal [sic] About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 3, 1978.
  104. "Ben Murphy as Jed 'Kid' Curry", Television Age, All About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978.
  105. Ben Murphy pages, Television Age, All about "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978.
  106. "All Facts of Ben Murphy", Television Age, All About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978. Ten Easy Steps Towards Better Horseback Riding?
  107. "TV Follows Chisholms' Trail", local TV paper, March 24, 1979. This includes quotes and some interesting info on Ben. Thanks to Marilyn.
  108. "Ad and Listing for 'The Chisholms'", TV Guide, March 1979. Also courtesy of Marilyn.
  109. "Review: 'The Chisholms'", TV Guide, March 29, 1979. Again thanks to Marilyn.
  110. Excerpt from "Where Are They Now?", Daytime TV, February 1980. A photo and caption of Ben with three other actors, courtesy of Roxann.
  111. "He Was Headed for the Top...", Boston Globe TV Week, February 3, 1980. A rare interview from Ben's time working on The Chisholms. Eleven years! Thanks to Roxann.
  112. "Pro Am World Team Tennis Marathon" Ad, September 1980. From Judy.
  113. "Murphy Uses Soap to Slide into Film", unknown US newspaper, May 10, 1983. An interview with Ben about the TV movie "The Cradle Will Fall." Thanks to KathStath.
  114. "Since the Winds of War Picked Up His Career, Ben Murphy has a New Outlook and an ABC Series", People Weekly, May 30, 1983. An interview with Ben, where he briefly mentions Pete's death and its effect on him.
  115. "Premiere", ABC Photograph, August 23, 1983. Photo and caption on the premiere of Ben's show LOTTERY!
  116. "'Lottery' Bows in Tonight", Indianapolis Star, September 8, 1983.
  117. "Big Bucks", Indianapolis Star, 1983. An article on Lottery!
  118. "Friday: Lottery$", TV Guide, September 10, 1983. This is a page from the article that TV Guide has each year on new fall shows.
  119. "Race to Romance: 'Lottery!' Star Finds His Number One Girl", National Enquirer, November 8, 1983. Some interesting quotes from Ben.
  120. "Ben Murphy & Marshall Colt: 'If I Had a Million...'", unknown magazine, 1983.
  121. "Ben Murphy", The Celebrity Fitness Book, 1983 Thanks to Jane.
  122. "Ben Murphy", unknown magazine, 1983 or 1984. This is from the Lottery$ time period.
  123. "Lottery! Starts the New Season Winningly", People Weekly, 1983. Thanks to Michelle.
  124. "Ben Murphy: Alias Smith and Jones Star Takes Up the Lottery!", unknown magazine, 1983.
  125. "New TV hunk gets second try at stardom after wild, womanizing ways almost ended his career", Star, September 27, 1983. A short interview with Ben.
  126. "After Years of Lucking Out, Murphy Wins a Lottery", Sunday Sun Television Magazine (Toronto, Canada), November 20, 1983. This has a very different tone from Ben's interviews of the 70s.
  127. "Lucky Guy", Indianapolis Star, November 27, 1983.
  128. "Ben Murphy Loses His Heart to Actress", National Enquirer, December 20, 1983. A short, sweet interview with Ben and his then-girlfriend. It doesn't read like a "tabloid" article and includes a nice color photo.
  129. "Ben Murphy: son seul rôle en vedette fut celui d'un...homme invisible!", French magazine, 1983 or 1984. Note that the show in which Ben co-stars with Peter Duel is known as "Opération Danger".
  130. "Ben Murphy: His Only Starring Role Was As An Invisible Man!", French magazine, 1983 or 1984. Translation, thanks to Elaine, of the above French article.
  131. "Run, Ben, Run", US, January 2, 1984. An interview with Ben during the period when he was starring in the TV series Lottery$. Click here to see a better version of the Heyes and Curry photo that appears in this article.
  132. "Lottery!", ABC Photograph, March 29, 1984. Photo and caption for Ben's 1983-84 TV series.
  133. "Arthur Hailey's 'Hotel'", ABC Photograph, September 25, 1984. Photo and caption about Ben's guest appearance on Hotel.
  134. Ad for Hotel, TV Guide, October 17, 1984.
  135. "NBC Goes Shopping for Saturday Ratings", Sunday Telegram (Worcester, MA) TV Time, January 13, 1985. A rare article about Ben's short-lived show Berrenger's.
  136. Ad for Berrengers, TV Guide, January 27, 1985.
  137. "KRO Herhaalt Popularie Western-Serie Alias Smith and Jones: Twee Lucky Luke's Op Het Verkeerde Pad", Veronica, June 1, 1985. From a Dutch TV magazine. Thanks to Sheila, we also have an English translation. The English title is "Alias Smith and Jones: Two Lucky Lukes Going Down the Wrong Path". Sheila says that the article is poorly written. It is also very inaccurate. For example, there is no reason to believe that Ben has ever had an alcohol problem, Smith and Jones were not directly based on real people, the show was never a "huge success" in America, any difference in height between Pete and Ben was insignificant and, at the time of his death, there's no evidence to suggest that Pete was having major relationship problems. Also, since Pete was buried in Penfield, NY, it's possible that Ben has never stood at Pete's grave. I mention all of this because this article is one of the few places were Ben is quoted about Pete's death. However, because the article is so flawed, these quotes must be viewed with caution. Their source is unclear and it's unlikely that the Veronica writer interviewed Ben.
  138. Ben Murphy entry in The Complete Directory to Prime Time TV Stars, 1946-Present, by Tim Brooks, 1987, p. 612.
  139. Dirty Dozen: The Series, unknown magazine, April 1988. A brief review of the series that includes a photo of Ben.
  140. "Fox will See if 'Dirty Dozen' Can Enjoy Success As a Series", Indianapolis Star, April 30, 1988. A long article about the series.
  141. Ad for The Dirty Dozen: The Series, TV Guide, April 30, 1988.
  142. "Fox Hopes 'Dirty Dozen' Will Clean Up Its Ratings", The Detroit News Television, May 8-14, 1988. Courtesy of Roxann.
  143. Dirty Dozen Dossier, FOX TV, 1988. Thanks to Roxann. A mix of info on Ben and his character from the TV series.
  144. Ben Murphy entry in The Complete Actors' Television Credits, 1948-1988, Vol. 1: Actors, by James Robert Parish and Vincent Terrace, 1989, p. 353-354.
  145. "Gemini Man", Epi-Log, Special #5, December 1992.
  146. "Vanity Fair's 1995 Hall of Fame: The Westerners", Vanity Fair, December 1995. The Western photograph is a 3-page pull-out sheet. I've given each page as a separate scan. Unfortunately, the scans don't do this fabulous photo justice. This magazine is loaded with great photos of TV stars.
  147. Chinese Horoscope for Ben Murphy, prepared and sent by Carolyn S.
  148. "To Protect and Serve", Variety, February 24, 2002. A review of Ben's recent movie, courtesy of Jo.
  149. Transcript of Ben Murphy's Statements on TV Promo, Part 1, Granada Plus (UK Cable TV Channel), aired March 2002. Ben discusses being cast in AS&J and his chemistry with Pete. Transcribed by Debbie.
  150. Transcript of Ben Murphy's Statements on TV Promo, Part 2, Granada Plus (UK Cable TV Channel), aired March 2002. More interesting talk from Ben about AS&J. Transcribed by Debbie, who says that Ben laughs through much of this, especially while making the gun noise.
  151. Transcript of an Interview with Ben Murphy from Dutch TV, aired March 2002. Thanks to Maria, who transcribed the show from the TV broadcast. It was a show about the seventies and in between the parts of the interview with Ben were interviews with Dutch actors and singers remembering AS&J. The comments by others are omitted here because they didn't say anything "new". Photos are thanks to Joanne.
  152. Transcript of Ben Murphy's Statements on TV Promo, Part 3, Granada Plus (UK Cable TV Channel), aired March 2002. Ben talks about Pete's death. Transcribed by Debbie, who describes Ben in the interview as searching for the right words and serious, but still having fond memories of Pete.
  153. Transcript of Ben Murphy's Radio Interview on BBC Wales, aired 2004. The transcription is thanks to Jean C. The 15 minute audio file can be found at the BBC Wales website. However, it is often very difficult to access. Real Player is required.
    Teen Fan Magazine Items:
  154. "Say Hello to Beautiful Ben", Tiger Beat, August 1968. This is the earliest article that I have on Ben.
  155. "Meet - Ben Murphy", 16 Magazine, April 1971.
  156. Fact Sheet for Ben Murphy, FAB 208, May 1971. From Leezz.
  157. "16 SPEC Tunes in on Eight TV Stars!", SPEC 16 Magazine, May 1971. Only two of the eight stars are given here.
  158. "Meet the Stars of "Alias Smith and Jones"! Pete Duel Ben Murphy", flip, May 1971.
  159. Excerpt from "Telly Time", 16 Magazine, May 1971.
  160. "Spotlight On: Peter Duel & Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, May 1971. Thanks to Asialee.
  161. "Meet the Real 'Smith & Jones!'", 16 Magazine, June 1971.
  162. "Ben Murphy and Peter Duel Tell On Each Other!", FaVE!, June 1971.
  163. "The Real Ben Murphy!", Tiger Beat Spectacular, June 1971.
  164. Wallet Bios on Pete and Ben, unknown teen magazine, ca. 1971. Thanks to Marilyn, who ordered these from a teen magazine.
  165. Excerpt from "TV News", SPEC 16 Magazine, July 1971. Only a paragraph each on Pete and Ben, but a great color photo.
  166. Excerpt from "Meow", Tiger Beat, July 1971. Meow is the editor's column. This includes a note from Ben.
  167. "Life-lines of Ben & Pete", Tiger Beat, July 1971. Thanks to kc.
  168. Excerpt from "It's Happening In Hollywood", Tiger Beat, July 1971.
  169. "All About Ben Murphy Pete Duel", Teen Life, July 1971. Thanks to kc.
  170. Excerpt from "Telly Time", 16 Magazine, July 1971.
  171. "A Closer Look At Ben Murphy", Teen Pin-Ups, July 1971.
  172. Excerpt from "Hollywood Happenings", Teen Pin-Ups, July 1971. Short item on Pete and Ben.
  173. "Pete & Ben Squeal on Each Other!", 16 Magazine, August 1971. Even in 1971, I didn't think that Pete and Ben actually wrote this. But it's still fun to read. In the main picture, I think that Heyes is trying to crack a safe.
  174. "Ben Murphy Remembers: My First Kiss", Tiger Beat Spectacular, August 1971. This is a scan of the complete magazine page.
  175. "Favorites of Your Faves!!", FaVE!, August 1971. Pete and Ben sections only.
  176. "Forty Faves Tell 'Summer Fun Is...!'", Tiger Beat, August 1971. Just 2 faves are given here.
  177. "'Home Sweet Home' with Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, August 1971. Rather than trying to keep 10 photos and their captions straight individually, I've scanned in the two complete magazine pages. This may take a while to load.
  178. Excerpt from "Behind the Scenes at Tiger Beat", Tiger Beat, August 1971. Short text regarding Ben's at home interview.
  179. "Summer Forecast for Pete & Ben: Staying!", SPEC 16 Magazine, August 1971. Short item on what they're going to do during AS&J's hiatus.
  180. Excerpt from "Exclusive Meow Color Newsreel!", Tiger Beat, August 1971. Color photo of Ben.
  181. "Visit Ben Murphy's Bachelor Pad!", flip, September 1971.
  182. "50 Things You Didn't Know About Ben Murphy", FaVE!, September 1971.
  183. "Star Recipe of the Month: Ben Murphy's Hi-Energy Shake", FaVE!, September 1971. This was in the days before raw eggs were bad to eat. Tiger's milk?
  184. "38 Faves Reveal: 'My Most Prized Possession Is....'", Tiger Beat, September 1971. Only fave Ben is given here.
  185. "Special Profile On: Ben Murphy", Teen Life, September 1971.
  186. "Happiness Is... by 30 Faves", FaVE!, September 1971.
  187. "Ben Murphy & Pete Duel: can YOU pass THEIR Love Tests?", 16 Magazine, September 1971. This has large scans and takes a while to load.
  188. "Tiger Beat's All-Star Fact Directory", Tiger Beat Super Annual, September 1971. Scans of the Pete and Ben sections are given here.
  189. "Ben: How to Be Close to Him!", Tiger Beat Super Annual, September 1971. There's a large questionaire at the end which, hopefully, with be loaded by the time you finish reading the text.
  190. "Tiger Beat Memory Book: Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, October 1971.
  191. "Getting Close to Ben Murphy & Pete Duel", Teen Pin-Ups, October 1971. Sent by Debbie and by Ana.
  192. "Party Time with The Stars!", SPEC 16 Magazine, October 1971. A couple of photos and captions.
  193. "Pete & Ben--Do You Dare Date Them?", SPEC 16 Magazine, October 1971.
  194. Excerpt from "Be a Star Maker!", Teen Pin-Ups, October 1971. Shows were Pete and Ben stand in a poll of hot stars.
  195. "13 Faves Rap About Romance!", Tiger Beat Spectacular, October 1971. Only 2 Faves are given here.
  196. "All Alone with Ben Murphy & Pete Duel", Teen World, October 1971.
  197. Excerpt from "The Grapevine", SPEC 16 Magazine, November 1971.
  198. "Your Day with Ben Murphy!", flip, November 1971.
  199. "Ben Murphy: My Good Side! My Bad Side!", Tiger Beat Spectacular, November 1971.
  200. "Pete & Ben: Their Wicked, Cheatin' Hearts!", 16 Magazine, November 1971. A scan of the complete magazine page.
  201. "You Have the Key to Ben Murphy's Heart If...", Teen Life, November 1971.
  202. "Ben Murphy: Where is Love?", Tiger Beat Spectacular, December 1971.
  203. "Exploring the Private Lives of Ben & Pete", Teen World, December 1971. Short interviews with Pete and Ben.
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  206. "Ben--Bundle Up With Him!", 16 Magazine, 1972 or 1973.
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