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AS&J-related items are not sold of this fan website. Known commercial sources for items related to AS&J and its actors are summarized below. If you have additional info, please tell us on the Message Board. Inclusion here does not constitute an endorsement of the company or its product quality.

VCR Tapes and DVDs



Audio Books



VCR Tapes and DVDs:

Universal Home Video has recently released an authorized commercial DVD set of AS&J's first season. Here are some places that it can be purchased: Amazon.com in US, Amazon.com in UK (PAL version coming June 2007), Universal Home Video.

In the US, the AS&J pilot is sold through Goodtimes Home Video in NTSC format. Sadly, it is now out-of-print. However, this tape is frequently found at the eBay on-line auctions.

In the UK, Universal Playback released two PAL format AS&J tapes, which are now out-of-print. Volume 1 contains the pilot episode, "Wrong Train to Brimstone", and "The Root of It All". Sources include Blackstar and Amazon (UK). The next Universal Playback AS&J tape is part of a three box set called Classic TV Westerns, which also contains The Virginian and The Men from Shiloh. The AS&J episodes on this tape are "The McCreedy Bust", "Exit from Wickenburg", and "Return to Devil's Hole".

PAL and NTSC formats are not interchangeable among VCRs and TVs. In Western Europe and Australia, PAL is standard but VCRs that handle both formats are common. In North American and Japan, NTSC is standard; it's more difficult and expensive to find a VCR that will work with PAL. There are also video stores that will convert between the formats, as well as companies on the internet that do conversions. Quality can vary greatly.

As for other episodes, you may find fans willing to help on this site's Message Board, on the AS&J discussion groups, or at tape trading websites. A list of links to tape trading sites can be found at About.com's Classic TV site. Occasionally, homemade AS&J tapes amd DVDs appear on the on-line auctions, such as eBay.

A few other appearances of AS&J's actors are available commercially. For more information, check out this website's filmography pages on Pete, Ben, Roger, and Geoff.


There are many commercial sources of AS&J photos, some of which are listed below.Typical prices for common AS&J photos are $6.00 for a color 8x10 glossy and $4.00 for a black-and-white 8x10, plus postage. Rarer photos, not mass reproduced, are more expensive.

Still Things - On their website, look under the Catalogue Generale section (not the TV Zones sections, which are Sci-Fi photos). They have a large number of photos. If you e-mail and ask for AS&J, Pete, or Ben items, they will mail photocopies of the photos available and an order form.

Movie Market - They sell numerous photos from AS&J, with scans on their website, and their $24.99 photo set is a good deal.

Movie Star News - Their catalog from last year didn't have much on Pete, but there were some nice photos of Ben.

Ed Colbert Photography - A Hollywood photographer who sells color photos that he took himself. Cost is about $10 each, plus postage. There are some very nice photos of Pete around town and at least one of Geoff. I don't know if he has photos of Ben or Roger. The address is Ed Colbert, 1011 N. Hilldale Ave. #10, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store - No scans on the site, but contact info is given. They have a great selection of AS&J photos.

Hollywood Celebrity Photo - Again, no website known. They are pricey, but have some interesting photos of Pete about town. The address is P.O. Box 1505, Culver City, CA 90232-1505.

eBay and other Internet auctions - Sometimes rare or autographed photos are sold. However, many photos on auction are common and can be obtained more cheaply from a vendors listed above.


Script City - Scripts for all 50 AS&J episodes can be purchased over the web.

Melody Rondeau - The address is 1853 Fallbrook Ave., San Jose, CA 95130. Her prices are often lower than Script City.

Planet Megamall - Scripts for all 50 AS&J episodes can be purchased over the web.

eBay and other Internet auctions - Sometimes you can get a good deal on a script at the auctions, but often they are cheaper elsewhere.

Audio Books:

Ben has been the reader on audio books written by western author Max Brand. Each cassette contains two stories. Titles are Fear of Morgan the Fearless/Dust Storm and The Ghost Rides Tonight/The Consuming Fire. These are both out-of-print and difficult to find.


Alias Smith and Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men by Sandra K. Sagala and JoAnne M. Bagwell began shipping on August 12, 2005. The ISBN number is 1593930313. The book contains information from interviews with many of the show's principles and includes rare photos. Click here to reach the publisher's website, which has ordering information, or here to purchase the book at Amazon.com.

Pete Duel: A Biography by Paul Green will be released in spring 2007. For more information, see Paul Green's Authors Guild website.


Pete's will, legal paperwork on estate claims, and autopsy report can be purchased on-line at Celebrity Collectables.

Assorted AS&J items (e.g., keychains, cigar bands, posters) can sometimes be found on eBay or other on-line auctions.

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